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We at Pinnacle can help you in creating and enhancing digital solutions. We have delivered 112 projects producing more than 15 distinct businesses in applications and systems. Other than that, 1000 organizations trusted us to solve and create a solution for their digital challenges and optimize the mission. Our business value for more than 15 years is continuously increasing as we are to prove that our management in digital challenges and mission is successful.

Our company comprises architects, developers, data scientists, engineers, and solution architects. The solution architects include automation specialists and transformation consultants, and full-stack developers.

We use Agile Practices by creating continuous training to move towards innovation with the help of our expert Coaches.

Agile management is project management that uses repetitive models or designs to improve the product while considering the product’s reviews continuously. It embraces software developments to increase transparency and create solutions while reducing waste and risks.

We also teach how to do Agile management and coach individuals. We not only explain how agile Management works but also consider your behaviors and modeling to create your products with our digital knowledge base, representing concrete instances by using our digital tools.

Our coaches are experts in coaching, and the coaching team can work together with individuals and roles (scrum master, product owner, stakeholders, and others). Here in Pinnacle, we make a Distributed Agile Team (aDAPT) to work well and consider various factors.

What Is An Agile Management?

Agile management has two frameworks– the scrum and kanban methodologies. These methods are a great way to create products and increase transparency on a larger scale while reducing waste and risk, making your product succeed with Pinnacle.

As we are aiming for your success in digital challenges, we consider various factors such as follows:

  • Communication Distance

Even if you’re far from our location, Pinnacle ensures and communicates to address your concerns. There is no distance between you and Pinnacle.

  • Rapid Structure Escalation

It is made for us to structure the escalations to the journey rapidly. In Pinnacle, we use simple and effective escalations to clarify decisions or manage the risks involved.

  • Communication Quality

It is vital to understand how Pinnacle managing works well. The quality of communication helps our customers to understand and share our conclusion to quickly pinpoint sections that are not working well and create digital solutions.

  • Single, Shared reality

It is where our opinions and conclusions meet and play a massive role in increasing the rate of success. A shared relay towards your product will help us discuss the reality to evaluate.

  • Aligning of Work

After the team has evaluated your product, we align the works to be done. It allows you to track the tasks and how it flows.

  • Structures of programs

Discussion on the structures to be built and tasks are organized well to soften the Pinnacle team’s workflow.

  • The Architecture of Application

As our teams use agile management, Coaches from Pinnacle will continuously coach them with agile practices to ensure that your organization obtains and maximize your business value.

Aside from these factors, Pinnacle Mutual Consulting Agile Coaches apply our strategic workshops for the team and roles in preparing, facilitating, and making deliverables. We also added team assessments and optimizations to ensure that our team works well. There is continuous training and monitoring and integrations of advances in agile practices, which allows us to deliver high-quality products.

We also use strategic backlog models to help us identify the products or businesses. This way, we can assess and overcome the company and obstacles in governing them. At Pinnacle Mutual Consulting, we assure your business value or development to increase productivity, controlling the expensive process while implementing and embracing the lean-agile management.

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