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1. I have a business plan; where do I start?

Start your Agile journey by messaging us through our email at [email protected] or call us at +1 (404) 205-9000. 

We offer free IT consultation and give you guidance on how we can alleviate your digital pain points and help you to succeed. Messaging us today will allow us to help you sooner than you expect from us.

2. I want to empower my team with Agile. Can you help?

Pinnacle Mutual Consulting offers Agile Coaching, which can help your organization to enthrall Agility to your organization effectively. 

To be Agile, you need to have an Agile Mindset. Every individual’s understanding of how agile works and how it goes will empower your team and organization to deliver Agility.

A way of doing what you are doing differs if you know the purpose and understand the Agile Methodologies.

3. How do Applications help my organization and business?

Applications can help you in delivering your services or products to your customer. We can analyze your business progress or help determine the features or functionalities needed to increase your business value and satisfy your customers.

Agile is bound to adapt to the uncertainty of the market and changes. Empower your organization with continuous development through Agile.

4. How does Agile Methodology help our business grow?

Business is what you do, and helping you achieve them is our priority. Let us guide you on your Agile journey to deliver more value, build rapport, and engage your customers.

5. Why is Agile more effective than Traditional Methodology?

Agile creates features and functionalities in small segments and goes through various tests, including rapid-based testing. As tests happen in small parts, it reduces risk and issues rather than the Traditional Methodology. The project is delivered earlier than expected and is valuable, decreasing risk and cost.

Agile continuously adapts to innovations and updated security and development tools.

6. Do I need Automated Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Adding Automated Intelligence and Machine Learning can help you manage your customer effectively and strategically. Often, customers ask questions they do not know about, and your AI and ML can avail them anytime. 

AI and ML approach is more efficient as they are programmed to respond to how they design.

7. I want to go through Agile Rebranding. What should I do?

We can help your organization in rebranding to Agile. We offer Agile Transformation, but before we start rebranding, we need to determine if your organization needs it or requires minor changes. 

Pinnacle would not instantly tell you to Rebrand. We will give you a free IT consultation to determine if rebranding can help you achieve your business goals.

8. I have a vulnerable security system. Do you offer software security development?

Yes, we do. At Pinnacle, we ensure that your system data is stored securely. Our software security development is reliable and used by various organizations, including financial service providers.

9. Why would I entrust my organization to Pinnacle Mutual Consulting?

We have offered Agile services for almost twenty years. We have done massive projects for finance and insurance companies that we still help to date. 

Our past projects allowed us to develop more and be experts in digital problems, from common to complex environments that the company faces. 

Pinnacle Mutual Consulting Team absorbs Agile Methodology into ourselves. Our depth-understanding of how agile works allows our team to build success for organizations.

10. Does Pinnacle offer Free Agile Web training?

We will, and we are excited to share our knowledge of Agile Methodology and our strategic Agile Approach with you. Please follow our social media accounts for updates on our free Agile Training!

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