Agile Community: How Pinnacle Manages Distributed Team amid Covid-19

After the Covid19 was detected and spread worldwide, governments were forced to take precautionary measures to protect the people from infectious disease, especially knowing the cure for this disease is not yet discovered. 

Establishments, campuses, universities, and shopping malls were closed. To survive, people began to use applications to order food, medicines, groceries, and other essentials. Educational learning is taught online, and organizations shifted to remote working. 

At Pinnacle, shifting our work from the office to remote working is a challenge amid Covid19 unpredictability.  How did our Pinnacle team handle building an effective and reliable team? How did our team members overcome the process?

We have listed the four essential parts that our team commenced in remote working: communication, conducive environment, leveraging technology and overcoming individual struggles.


Strengthen Team Communication

Good communication is the key to collaboration and building a successful team. 

Our team is used to face-to-face meetings with the team and our clients. To adapt to these changes, our team leader implemented meeting approaches to create effective meetings, such as discussing conflicts, decision-making, creating cadences, and setting expectations to be visible online. As we cannot be physically visible to the team, we encourage everyone on the team to be visible online and join virtual meetings.


At Pinnacle, we use Microsoft Teams, as it provides real-time communication. It includes video, audio, and screen sharing that boost collaboration and deliver work progress.


Conducive Environment

Remote working is not only a challenge for an organization but also for teams individually. We have uplifted our team members to create a workspace or a designated area where they can work smoothly during working hours.


Leverage Technology 

We encourage our team members to use a camera to feel connected to the team like we are talking in face-to-face meetings.

We ensure that our team uses the same tool for collaboration to provide everything in place, specifically our protocols, policies, documents, messages, and others. In addition, we also use digital boards to visualize our work progress, which enriches our team’s collaborations.


Overcome Individual Struggles

We cannot deny that remote work is lonelier than office work, and to cheer our teams, we encourage them to maintain themselves and get dressed like they are doing at work. This is not mandatory, but a study shows it boosts creativity and emotional stability among individuals. Then, take several breaks for at least five to ten minutes to stretch their bodies, do mild exercise, or breathe fresh air.


Changing our work routine is a challenge for everyone. It needs effective efforts and plannings to deliver a valuable work performance. However, it exposed us to a hybrid environment for better future advancement.

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