Agile Community: How Does A Diverse Team Create Value and Success

An organization incorporates different individuals, cultures, religions, gender, education, lifestyle, and nationalities. We cannot refuse to admit that our dissimilarities allow us to be different individually, but how does a diverse team create value and success? 

Each individual carries various abilities, skills, experiences, perspectives, and talents, and this concept allows us to develop our minds, innovate, and solve organizational challenges as a team.

Let us say one of the team members is young. The common question is, why would a team leader or organization hire young people? Young people are known to be adventurous, have the agility to learn, and are easy to instruct. 

On the other hand, team members are older, as the organization needs someone who knows and has experience in the field. This individual can be a consultant, a coach, or a team advisor. As young individuals have no experience in some organizational challenges, they can freak out facing them, and having a person with the capability to guide them through the process will be more manageable. 

However, it cannot construct an organization with young and older adults. It also consists of men and women who can give an additional strategy and positivity to the organization. All of them have differences, and that makes them unique personalities. 

In addition, we are now in a hybrid environment that allows us to work remotely, wherever we are. The good thing about remote working is that someone is available to accommodate clients or customers anytime in the organization. How? Suppose the company is in America, and it has team members who are living in different countries. Whenever there is a holiday or nighttime in America, the team from the other country is available because we have distant time zones and holidays.


“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” 

  • Stephen Covey


An organization that fails to create diversity builds a wall from development, causes the team to be unaligned with the organization’s vision, and does not welcome innovative ideas. Perhaps, it leads them to an unstructured and unsafe environment.

Each individual has expertise in an organization, and allowing team members to give feedback allows organizational development and innovative ideas to take place, resulting in a better organizational outcome and creating value. Well, the organizational differences enable the team to acquire organizational advantages.

Everyone must welcome new ideas to achieve development steps for better organizational outcomes. Not all developments are triumphant, and it is okay. The team learns from it and creates another step together to clear the path to the corporate vision.

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