Who is a Scrum Master in Agile Scrum?

The Scrum Master is a vital role in Scrum and is one of the high-paying jobs!

Scrum is known for its utmost benefits to an organization, and its framework’s good reputation continually increases as organizations strive to use technology as their leverage. Though many organizations tried to implement the frameworks, they failed due to a lack of knowledge and expertise, resulting in an increased demand for hiring Scrum Masters in multi-regions.

What is a the Scrum Master Role?

The Scrum Master role is one of the three roles in Scrum asides the Product Owner and the development team. It helps the Scrum team to improve and streamline the process to achieve their goals. Though the Scrum Master’s responsibility differs from Product Owners, they aim for the same purpose, which is to ensure the development team is effectively developing valuable products and project success.

A Scrum Master leads the Scrum team to a hopeful victory. They need to understand the Scrum values and the roles of a Scrum Master. To be a Scrum Master, you must embody agile, know the team members, foster a continuous feedback culture, hone communication skills, and make the most of retrospectives. Though this role is challenging, most Scrum Masters address the role as rewarding.

Developing and helping the team succeed is a great challenge to every organizational leader or project leader. Building a good culture and environment allows you to trust everyone has better and more valuable outcomes.

If you plan to shift your career to a Scrum Master, it is best to have a Scrum Master Certification from SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). Even though most do not believe in this certification, some organization prefers applicant who can manage the role.

Where to attend Scrum Master Trainings?

Various organizations partner with the Scaled Agile Framework; finding one would not be hard. However, you must choose an Agile Coach that has real-life experiences and is recommendable by other learners. They will help you gain knowledge and guide you toward implementing the roles in the real world.

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