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Our recent blogs have shared agile teams’ leadership and psychological safety. Both of our topics explored how leadership affects the team. So, how do leaders build a successful team? 

A team is not counted by how many individuals are there but rather by how the team works to develop and perform their organizational responsibilities and outcome without feeling the psychological danger.

A psychological danger creates an unsafe environment for the team and stops the team members from sharing their concerns, ideas, and development. Most of the time, this danger exhausts the team, resulting in an unproductive and unaligned vision.

Research contemplation shows that a team prospers because the leadership is genuine, treats rightfully, and creates a learning bond. 

As a team leader, it is their responsibility to create a safe environment for the team. A safe environment where the ideas for innovation are welcomed, a meeting where anyone can speak up and ask even the most common question without the fear of being judged and criticized.


“Tell me, and I will forget, teach me, and I may remember; involve me, and I learn.”

 -Benjamin Franklin


In this famous quote from Benjamin Franklin, he talked about involvement and learning, which help us inspire leaders to teach and help the team learn new skills and other innovative development. But, of course, leaders should also work with individuals who also give value to the team’s vision.

This environment allows the team to be psychologically safe. Team members go to work not only because of finances but because they are satisfied with the team they are working with or what they are working on, allowing them to be who they are.

Nothing beats a willing and inspired person to go to work, as it creates balance in both profession and personal life. A team is successful because their organizational environment authorizes them to succeed, individually and in their career leading to a joyous team and building diversity.

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